The media types are increasing, and we need products that combine all these technologies together, so it needs a multi-skilled person to create this type of products.
Mobile Appliaction
Mobile Application
Because everything is going mobile we had to have our skills updated and ready for this technology.
Web Design
Web Design
Changing in the web design field is fast, and it is now focused on targeting multiple devices from PC, tablet to mobile.
Audio Editing & Creation
All digital products needs sound FX and sound loops, where editing existing music files are is not the only choice we must create our own sound FX, loops and abstract Music Intros.
Print Design
Print Design
The print design will never die as we still like to have our business cards, brochures and posters to present our business and events where it do not need any kind of power or internet and it can be viewed any place any time.
Video Editing & Creation
Video Compositing and Creation is a whole domain of design where we need to create eye catching design that animates with real photos or vector graphics to produce amazing videos.
3D Design
3D Design
3D production is very interesting field where you can design real world scenes that can not be in real life; also combining 2D graphics with 3D graphics is the new trends of design.
Game Development
Game Dev
Games are one of the most wanted types of applications where all people like to have on their devices or PCs or on social networks and games sites.
Front - End Development
HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript are the modern scripting languages where it used to target multiple operating systems and platforms where all platforms support them since the inviting of the World Wide Web.
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