I'm a super creative designer & developer

Welcome to my homepage, here you will find a brief that you need to know about me and my career.

My Skills

I have a lot of skills and these are the most valued skills and my own rating for them!

Web, Apps, Games & Video Design95

2D Animation & Drawing85

Android Development75

Unty3D Games Development80

Simplicity is the best design


Years Experience




Authored Books


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My Books

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Khader Abu Al-Edam

Project Manager, Minhaj for Educational Technologies

I got the chance to work with Emad directly, Emad cares a lot about self-development & mastering his work, I recommend him for any position that requires creativity, as he would exceed the expectations.

Noor Saud Abdul-Aziz

Program Manager, Obeikan Education

I consider Emad a model member of the team who provided consistency & delivered all expectations. His unconventional way of thinking helped the company to solve practical issues in the most efficient ways.

Asem Abu-Sbeit

System Development Manager, Obeikan Education

During my work with Emad, he showed exemplary dedication & professionalism. He is a highly-focused individual that keeps things on track & always has valid input & shows initiative. He is one of those people who wants to get the job done properly & wants to deliver. Emad keeps current with technology & I especially liked the fact that he always has plans that he follows to improve his career, & to deliver results.

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Al Rabieh, Amman - Jordan




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